加藤弘光 花見 Hanami | Hiromitsu Kato -Sakura Viewing-


加藤弘光   花見 Hanami

会 期 2021年3月3日(水)〜4月10日(土)
時 間 12:00 – 19:00 
休 廊 日・月・祝日 
会 場 北井画廊

またやってくる桜の季節に、日本画家 加藤弘光の個展を開催。


Hiromitsu Kato   HanamiSakura Viewing-

Wed.3rd Mar. – Sat.10th Apr. 2021
Gallery hour : 12:00 – 19:00 
Closed on Sun. Mon. and Holidays 
Venue : Gallery KITAI

A solo exhibition of the works of Japanese-style painter Hiromitsu Kato will be held during the cherry blossom season,
two years after the solo exhibition in Salamanca, Spain that became the final show of his life

“Many thanks for the brilliance of spring — God’s creativity.”
Hiromitsu’s note, April 2, 2015


北井画廊は、日本画家 加藤弘光が最後まで追い求め、描き続けた桜の作品を厳選して展示する『加藤弘光個展 – 花見 Hanami -』を3月3日(水)より開催いたします。 
2019年4月10日、日本画家 加藤弘光は埼玉嵐山のアトリエにて制作中に亡くなりました…。享年62歳。同年2月8日〜3月7日、生涯最後の展示となったスペイン・サラマンカ大学日西 センターにある上皇后様のお名前を冠することを許された「美智子さまホール」での個展は、テレビや新聞、ネット記事など多くの現地メディアに取り上げられました。あれから2年、コロナ禍であっても、また桜の季節は訪れます。千鳥ヶ淵の傍にある北井画廊では、日本画家 加藤弘光が最後まで追い求め、描き続けた桜の作品を厳選して展示いたします。神の1枚に近づこうと、何層にも重なる数万枚の花びらのみを描く加藤の桜は、光の角度で変化する黒の背景と相まって独特の世界観を表出しています。千鳥ヶ淵の桜、画廊に咲く加藤弘光の桜、ぜひお花見にいらしてください。 

Starting on Wednesday, March 3, Gallery KITAI will hold “Hiromitsu Kato HanamiSakura Viewing -,” an exhibition of selected works by the late Japanese-style painter Hiromitsu Kato depicting sakura (cherry blossoms), a subject he continued to pursue and paint right up to the end of his life.
On April 10, 2019, Kato, an artist of Japanese painting, died while he was at work in his atelier in Ranzan, Saitama Prefecture. He was 62 years old. Earlier in the same year, a solo exhibition of his works was held from February 8 to March 7 at the Empress Michiko Hall, permitted to be named after the present Empress Emerita, of the Spanish-Japanese Cultural Center, Salamanca University, which was widely covered by local media including TV, newspapers and online publications. Two years have passed since that exhibition and the season of cherry blossoms will soon to be upon us again, the COVID-19 pandemic notwithstanding. At Gallery KITAI, located near the Chidorigafuchi Moat, one of the best-known cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, we will exhibit selected works by Kato of sakura, a subject that he continued to pursue and paint right up to the end of his life. Kato’s sakura, painted as nothing but layer upon layer of petals by the tens of thousands in pursuit of the one single petal of revelation, representing his unique outlook on the world, along with a black background featuring an appearance that varies according to the angle of light. We invite you to visit us to view the cherry blossoms, both those adorning the Chidorigafuchi Moat and Hiromitsu Kato’s sakura that will be blossoming inside the gallery.