加藤雄也 おとしもの Yuya Kato – Lost Possessions -


加藤雄也 おとしもの
会期 2018年8月8日(水)〜18日(土)
時間 12時〜19時
休廊 日/月/祝
会場 北井画廊

Yuya Kato  Solo Exhibition   – Lost Possessions –
Wed. 8  – Sat. 18, August  2018 at Gallery KITAI
Gallery hour 12:00-19:00
Closed on Sun. Mon. National holiday

Yuya Kato_face_photo道端で見つけた落しものをインスタントカメラで撮影した作品。
写真の下には撮影場所を示すGoogle Map のURL情報が入ったQRコードと、撮影日時そのものが何であるかを記している。



These works is instant photographs of lost items found along the roadside.

Someone once owned them and, regardless of whether they felt attached, some manner of circumstances led to them parting from these items after a period of time and likely without intent. Various external causes finally brought them here, and in this place, in this form, they came to rest. The photograph is of that alone.
However, rather than seeing these as antiques whose price increased each time someone relinquished their affection, or as artifacts unearthed after tens of thousands of years, I see them as simple trash which feels somehow charming, and which others cannot touch with familiarity.  Perhaps that old Japanese sentiment that “souls dwell in things” still slightly remains in me.

I have heard that stickers with GPS trackers that can be tracked from your smart phone have been developed in recent years. If you were to stick these onto your beloved possessions, you would be able to find them quickly even if you did lose them.