BIA MONTEIRO – Linhas Modernas-


AVA Galleria from Helsinki and KITAI presents
BIA MONTEIRO Solo Exhibition  -Linhas Modernas-

2017年5月20日(土)〜26日(金) 場所:北井画廊
20th – 26th May 2017  at Gallery KITAI

Bia Monteiro 3
Bia Monteiro 2
ビア・モンテイロは1976年リオデジャネイロ生まれ。ニューヨークの国際写真センターで芸術学修士の学位を取得し、2015/16年の館長奨学金を受けました。主に写真、映像、インスタレーションを表現手段とするビジュアルアーティストです。その作品は人体や建築物を使って環境への懸念や転置の問題を取り上げるものです。モンテイロはこれまでにブラジルや欧州、米国で展覧会を開いており、アーティストペアチームStudio Duoの1人です。

In the work Linhas Modernas, Bia Monteiro explores the lines of Modernist architecture and its in uence over the Brazilian landscape. Starting in the 1930s with the Le Corbusier stimulus and ending in 1960 with the construction of Brazil’s district capital, Brasília, she questions how this in uence—once viewed as a utopian ideology of social and economic progress for all people— negatively impacted the Brazilian ecosystem.
For this work, she draws forms and lines taken from modernist buildings, mostly from Brasilia, over Brazilian protected forests images. She also prints images of endangered species on blocks of concrete – the material idealized by the Modernists – prompting us to consider temporality and permanence.
A  nal counterpoint is the black and white image of an oca, the Brazilian natives’ original dwelling that is built by hand with organic material and remains as the formal architecture for most of the indigenous people (opposing the concept of modern building). Oca is a piece of architecture that is constantly forgotten, as it seems to be the case of Brazilian’s native forests.
Bia Monteiro was born in 1976, in Rio de Janeiro. Received a MFA degree from the International Center of Photography in New York where she was awarded with the Director’s Fellowship in 2015/16. Bia is a visual artist working primarily with
photography, video and installations. Her work references matters of displacement, as well as environmental concerns through the use of human body and architecture. Bia has exhibited her work in Brazil, Europe and United States and is part of the artist collective Studio Duo.