Mauro Bellucci



Mauro BELLUCCI (1959 - )

1959 Born in Voghera (PV), Italy where he actually lives and works Graduated in Japanese lexicography at Pavia University, for several years practiced the art of calligraphy from the Far East. Focusing on Japanese culture, Mauro artistic achievement is a balanced mixture of the previous Oriental experiences with personal and Western taste. Mauro’s exercises as basic technique the collage on canvas or on other materials such as wood or iron, by using different basic materials, mainly hand-made Nepalese paper and Japanese sumi ink. The collage is made by overlapping paper cuts treated with water or paper strips painted with different shades of grey and black, placed in parallel and vertically (inspired by the basic iki principles). Mauro applies also a personal printing technique with woodblock or other natural materials specifically treated to emphasize the effect - often only suggested - of the edges on the paper. The collage technique allows Mauro Bellucci to research on tri-dimensional aspects played by the transparency property of the paper: a dialogue between emptiness ad fullness (also inspired by zen aesthetic concepts), an accumulation of signs or - on the contrary - a reduction to a minimum mark, to a single line, to a single shade. The usual artist signature is replaced by a red seal according to the calligraphic tradition, placed within the artwork structure and often in dialogue with it affecting the overall equilibrium of the composition. The stone seal is not incised with characters, but gently scratched to suggest a no-signature or a no-logo.

2015    “Entr’Acte”, Voghera (PV)
2014    MUDAI, dance and music performance with artworks by Mauro Bellucci, Spazio Lena, Varzi (PV)
           Sovrapposizioni, Biblioteca Civica Paolo Migliora with Antica Rus’ Galleria d’Arte, Rivanazzano            Terme (PV)
2013    Uguale – Diseguale, Associazione Costa del Rile, Retorbido (PV)
2012    Parentesi, Biblioteca Comunale, Montebello della Battaglia (PV)
2011    Carta su Carta (Paper on Paper), Antica Rus’ Galleria d’Arte, Rivanazzano Terme (PV)
           KATA – FORME, curated by Francesco Sala, Japanese Screens Gallery, Milano
2009    A Filo d’Acqua , Antica Rus’ Galleria d’Arte, Rivanazzano (PV)
2008    Inori, Sala Luisa Pagano, a cura di Progetto Voghera, Voghera (PV)
2007    Inori, Spazio Surimono, Milano
2006    “Forma è vuoto!”, Spazio Surimono, Milano and Libreria Il Portolano, Camogli (GE)
2005    Forme d’Inchiostro (Ink shapes), Shodo, Suminagashi, Suibokuga, with origami by Luisa Canovi            Bellucci Galleria Il Vicolo, Voghera (PV)

2015    Il segno e la scrittura (Sign and Writing) curated by Franco Riccardi, Associazione ARTart,            Rivanazzano Terme
           Il piacere di perdersi in paesaggi da favola, Polo Civico Culturale di Valle Cima, Cigognola (PV)
2013    IKI , Rassegna Fortunagoinarte, 17 Italian and Japanese artists, curated by Raffaella Nobili e            Matteo Galbiati,Palazzo Comunale, Fortunago (PV)
2012    Künstler aus Voghera, Galerie Altes Rathaus, Leinfelden-Echterdingen
2012    IKI, curated by Matteo Galbiati e Kevin McManus , Japanese Screens Gallery, Milano
2011    “Trend in Art” – National Contemporary Art Day – Miradoli Arte Contemporanea, Milano
2006    10th International Calligraphy Art and Culture Great Exhibition
           (FeiMo School),Seoul,Korea,Beijing,China
2005    Spazio FABRIANO a cura di Luisa Canovi,Milano 9th International Calligraphy Art and Culture Great
           Exhibition(FeiMo School),Seoul,Korea, Zhibo,China

2012 - Artistar Exibition, catalogo a cura di Artistar Project
2013 - Mode work in progress, catalogo a cura di Mode2003-2006 - Kyoto City University of Arts, Ph.D.            Course of Fine Arts, Ceramics

2014    1st Prize – Painting contest Città di Broni - “free composition” section

Represented by ESH Gallery (Italy)