Corrine Pinet



Born in Thouars (Poitou-Charentes), Corinne currently lives in a small village in the south of France. The work of the clay is for her a source of healing; feeling it in her hands gives her a soft and warm energy.

Corrine likes to say that taking the clay in her hands is to enjoy life. By the work of fire, the raku offers the colors, the iridescent sparkles of the glaze. Step by step, her creating journey goes on ... In a constant research of light, transparency, finesse. The bone China invites itself with its whiteness. Pure. Flexible. Simply being itself, being beautiful.

2018/2019 : ‘L’Arbre à Plumes’ - Rollebeek Art Gallery in Brussels
2018/2019 : Exhibition in Sainte-Maxime (France)
2017/2019 : Ceramic, raku, and Bone China with Philippe Plaisir (Lorgues- France)
2014/2016 : Ceramic courses with Anne-Laure Humblot (Salernes-France)

L’Arbre à Plumes Rollebeek Galerie